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Abs of Steel. I love this workout tape for abs. It has been the most effective abs exercise I have done. Each workout is only 10 minutes, but very effective. Perfect for someone like me who does not have much time to devote to exercise. My only problem is that my VHS tape is wearing out and I How to Build Legendary Six-Pack Abs Like Bruce Lee (with Jul 30, 2018 · Bruce Lee Ab Workout:Build a Steel-Cut Six Pack. Bruce Lee did these 5 basic abs exercises to build his core and to develop his six pack abs. The number of days he trained his abs are not exactly known, only because he would train his abdominal muscles and core on any given day.

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Steel Fitness SportSite. 1,119 likes · 6 talking about this · 290 were here. Descarga aquí tu fuerza de voluntad, con el servicio que mereces para estar saludable. Centro multideportivo para entrenarSteel Core MMA Abs Workout Routine Muscle & StrengthSep 05, 2012 · Thai Plank. Lie down on the floor in a plank position, resting on your elbows. From here, lift your leg and elbow and rotate into a side plank position. Next, bring your free elbow and knee together, and then extend them back to the starting position, and rotate back down into a plank position.