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When induction quenching machine for automobile plate spring, just put it into the sensor, and then turn on the machine's switch to heat. It's very simple. Our equipment is used for its local quenching, to avoid the overall heating defects. Bar quenching heat treatment furnace -China manufacturerBuying bar quenching heat treatment furnace,please contact Forever. One year warranty period, long life spare parts support and technical service. Phone:+86 13303078975 induction heat treatment machine. billet induction reheating machine. Deformed bar

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Induction quenching furnace; Quenching and tempering furnace; Bar heat treatment furnace; billet induction reheating machine. Deformed bar hardening and tempering. Shaft heat treatment line. Induction heater for billet heating. Billet electric heating furnace. Quenching furnace. Continuous hardening and tempering furnace for stabilizer Continuous hardening and tempering furnace for stabilizer bar bar heat treatment. The full name of the stabilizer bar is the lateral stabilizer bar, also known as the torsion bar spring, which is an auxiliary elastic component in the automobile suspension. Its role is to prevent the car body from lateral inclination when the car turns a corner. In the course of work, the stabilizer bar inevitably bears a great deal of Heat treatment furnace for tube -China manufacturerYuanTuo heat treatment furnace for tube has the characteristics of stable and reliable, precise control and complete protection function.

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Aug 04, 2020 · Induction heat treatment equipment for the domestic enterprises to provide an important opportunity, technology promotion after tenacious efforts, quenching machine tool has made great progress, there are a large number of quenching machine tool reach the advanced level of similar foreign equipment, such as constant quenching machine tool company production of crankshaft, camshaft quenching machine tool and half shaft quenching machine tool, steering knuckle quenching machine, torsion bar Principles of Induction Hardening and Inspection(see the subsequent article Quenching in Induction Hardening in this Volume). Rapid Examples include machine tools, hand tools, crankshafts, camshafts, axle shafts, In torsion and in bending, the stress is greatest at the surface and is zero at Shanghai Heng Precision Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.Afterbig effort hardening machine had great progress and a large number of hardeningmachines like induction hardening machines for crankshaft, camshaft, axleshaft, knuckle, torsion bar, shock absorber bar made by Heatking reached theinternational advanced level.

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Induction Quenching Machine. Ball screw; Bar of CV joint; Camshaft; Small crankshaft; Short shaft; Big crankshaft; Hub bearing; Rear axle shaft; Steerin rack; Steering valve rotor Bell; bumper tube; ABRS steel tube; Drive shaft; Needle bearing; Output bracket assem Bell; Torsion bar; Small shaft; Universal joint; Punching-welding axl Shanghai Heng Precision Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.Name:Automatic 4-position with rotary table induction quenching machine for hub bearing Description:Positon No.:4 1 postion for detecting,1 position for quenching,1 position for auxiliary cooling, 1 position for loading and unloading Shanghai Heng Precision Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.NameInduction quenching and tempering production line for long steel bar Description Length of bar:1000mm6000mm Diameter of bar:20mm100mm Generator:KGPS1600kW/2kHz

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Performance characteristics of bolt induction heat treatment machine :1. The quenching furnace of bolt heat treatment equipment adopts the industrial digital control system of PLC machine. It has advanced performance and is easy to debug and use. It can meet the quenching needs of Automobile torsion bar quenching tempering - manufacturer There is infrared thermometer device for quenching and tempering process,which achieves automatic control of heating temperature. Automobile torsion bar quenching tempering line Configuration High strength welded machine body,fine maching after aging treatment , stable performance. Motor for feeding bars:frequency control.