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Sep 15, 2016 · Steel to aluminum:An aluminum frame has even larger tubes, roughly 25-30% more (48/44mm vs 35/38mm) that are almost twice as thick (170-200%), than steel (1.2/0.8/1.5 vs 0.6-0.8/0.4-0.6/0.6-0.8) 215-260% more material. Therefore the 1800g steel frame would have its aluminum brother come up at 1330-1530g, now the difference is quite Precision seamlesss cold drawing tube steel bicycle frame Cycle Tubing Tube Sets - Reynolds Technology. Typically,a seamless tube will be made from a billet of steel about 10 inches in diameter and 3 feet long.After heating it to over 1000 C,a hole is then pierced through the centre to form a very thick-walled tube.The wall thickness and diameter of this tube are then progressively reduced by hot

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Aluminium - Cycle Tubing Tube Sets - Reynolds Reynolds specialises in innovative high performance metallic cycle frame tube sets, producing some of the lightest strongest cycle tubing on the market. UTS 550-600 MPa, density 2.65 Derived from aerospace projects, and developed for Reynolds:Men of Steel - Bicycling AustraliaDec 08, 2014 · Bikes were rarely graded by their groupsets; they were scaled by their frame tubing sets, and British tubing pioneers Reynolds were very much the leaders of the pack. With a mass change towards OEM manufacturing and with the mass arrival of aluminium and then carbon fibre, steel has somewhat rusted away in the back of the garden shed. Steel tubing for Cycle-tourists, Reynolds 531, 520, 853 If you look at a piece of cheap steel tubing you will see the join as a different coloured line running down the tube. For example the old Reynolds 531 and all better tubes from Reynolds are seamless as is their Cr-Mo 520 and 525 (identical except 520 is license built in the Far East) so not all 4130 Cr-Mo is equal.

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The Reynolds 531 material, introduced in 1935 was the tube which set the standard for road, track and touring frames for many years. Today however, 531 has been largely supplanted by the seamless air hardening steels with ultimate tensile strengths between 180-210Ksi (1250-1450 MPa) for 853 and between 115-130Ksi (800-900MPa) for 631. Strong Frames & Bicycle tubing information. Steel 32 rows · Aluminum Zn, Mg:61 KSI:10% Min:A light tube set that is well suited for track and time cycle-frames - Nova Cycles > CatalogWe are closed for Memorial Day! Orders will be filled on Tuesday June 1st. Nova Cycles is a leading supplier of bicycle frame building materials in North America. Nova Cycles stocks our own proprietary tubing in aluminum, steel, and titanium as well as the range of high-performance tubing from Columbus S.R.L. Nova Cycles also distributes the finest jigs, tooling, dropouts and lugs.

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