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Apr 28, 2020 · US8573683 FRONT RAIL REINFORCEMENT SYSTEM Tesla Motors, Inc. The secondary impact system includes a secondary bumper and an assembly of sub-frame components separate from the front rails that allow impact loads to be transferred in parallel through the front rails and the sub-frame. The fixed plate is arranged at the rear end of BMW Chassis Reinforcement Kits & Parts Turner MotorsportThese factory BMW reinforcement plates will help disperse the energy and save you from costly repairs in the future. A strut brace also helps to prevent this but these plates are designed to reinforce the strut tower from the bottom. The install over your strut mount or camber plate and simply add thickness (strength) to the strut tower.

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To strengthen the rear subframe mounting points on the rear axle carrier panel, we utilize engineered steel reinforcement plates. These plates are welded to the chassis after any chassis repairs are completed. The plates provide a stronger and larger surface area to better disperse the force generated by the rear subframe and suspension E46 BMW Rear Subframe Reinforcement - Lang RacingJul 08, 2013 · The rear subframe, particularly on the early produced non-M 3 Series, often rips from the mounting points over time. While BMW made a recall kit for the E36 chassis they didnt do so for the E46 so we are left to our own devices to reinforce it. Typically what is done is 4 plates are welded on the bottom side of the chassis. E46 M3 Subframe Reinforcement Repair PERFORMANCE ONEOwners of the BMW 3 Series (E46 models) have been reporting cracks and damage in the rear subframe area of their vehicles. The issue was also common on the earlier 3 Series models and unfortunately, have reoccurred with the E46 from 1999-2006. This issue specifically appears in the rear mounting []

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Procedure. Step 1:Jack the rear of the vehicle up as high as you can. To do this you'll want to put the jack under the rear subframe on the section that wraps around the diff. Step 2:Place jack stands under the rear side lift pads. Be sure to get them as high as possible while still being sturdy. Fitted Life - Home FacebookThe garage is still a work in progress, but I was still able to weld up the GKTech reinforcement plates for S14's rear subframe. I go over my entire process and I also fix my beginner weldy boi mistakes. I also felt a bit hot-rod-ish for this episode so please enjoy the rockabilly style fun vlog. PSDesigns BMW E46 Chassis Repair / Reinforcement Plate KitThe PSDesigns-E46-Rear-Subframe-Reinforcement-kit® has been designed to provide the best repair and reinforcement option available on the market, regardless of crack damage, age, mileage, service history or modifications made. The kit is universal to the entire E46 BMW 3 Series model range regardless of body type, transmission or engine size/type.

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Jan 03, 2020 · You could epoxy the plates in, foam fill, and use extended bolts or studs to secure the subframe better and avoid shearing. I wouldnt just count on the plates tho. Cmp auto engineering also makes plates for the top that tie in he frame rail to the racp. Makes no sense not replacing V2 S13 240sx/R32 Skyline subframe weld in reinforcement Description. The GKTECH V2 S13 240sx/Silvia and R32 GTS-T Skyline subframe weld in reinforcement plates have been designed from a 3D scan with the addition of CMM data to help to reinforce your subframe where it needs it most. Laser cut, steel and dimple died for strength these plates make reinforcement of the rear subframe a heap easier than attempting to do it yourself.E46 V2 RACP Reinforcement Plate Kit - Redish Motorsport The Redish Motorsport E46 Rear Subframe Reinforcement Plate Kit consists of 8 individual plates, part numbered and tailored to specific locations on the E46's chassis:RMS-E46-SUB-001-V2 Qty.1 Located at the NSR Differential carrier mounting location.