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design, rigidity means relative rigidity. Of importance is the in-plane rigidity of the diaphragm relative to the walls or frame elements that transmit the lateral forces to the ground (Figure 4-29). A concrete floor is relatively rigid compared to steel moment frames, whereas a metal deck roof is relatively flexible compared to concrete or ANALYSIS, TESTING AND DESIGN OF STEEL ROOF DECK (2004). ANALYSIS, TESTING AND DESIGN OF STEEL ROOF DECK DIAPHRAGMS FOR DUCTILE EARTHQUAKE RESISTANCE. Journal of Earthquake Engineering:Vol. 8, No. 5, pp. 775-816.

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roof. = [13.5(L-X) + 16.9(X)] / L = [13.5(18 ft) + 16.9(6 ft)] / 24 = 14.4 psf. Calculate the lateral load on the roof diaphragm:The roof diaphragm will take load from half the wall below and load directly applied to the diaphragm. W. DIAPHRAGM DESIGN MANUAL - Steel Deck InstituteSpecification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members By Walter Schultz, P.E. Dong Li, P.E. STEEL DECK INSTITUTE P.O. Box 426 Glenshaw, PA 15116 Phone:(412) 487-3325 Fax:(412) 487-3326 sdi DIAPHRAGM DESIGN MANUAL THIRD EDITION Appendix VII Addendum May 2013 HILTI AND SIMPSON STRONG-TIE SCREWS Design Tools - VulcraftDesign steel deck to resist the wall anchorage forces from combined seismic, wind, and gravity loading based on the combined axial and bending strength. Steel Deck Roving Load Calculate the concentrated roving load that may be applied to any rib of the selected roof deck, in addition to the defined uniform loads. 2015 IBC Deck Diaphragm

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Discover the easiest way to specify metal decking:21. Introduction Roof Decks. Form Decks Composite Decks. Diaphragm Design General Information. Code of Standard Practice. Diaphragm Design Composite Decks. Form Decks Roof Decks. Introduction. Form Decks - Types 1.5FDR, 1.5FDI, 1.5FDV, 1.5FDIV. ROOF DECK DESIGN GUIDE - Structural Steel Roof and Meets Steel Deck Institute SDI 3x12 requirements 3 depth, 36 coverage, 14 to 22 Optimal Span(s) Good Diaphragm Shear Pan perforated Acustadek® Option Aesthetic flat pan underside Longer Spanning than non-cellular profile Meets Steel Deck Institute SDI 2x12 requirements DG2WF-36/2WF-36 Seismic Design of Composite Steel Deck and Concrete This Guide addresses the design of diaphragms composed of steel beams and steel deck with concrete fill. In passing, the Guide addresses some issues related to the design of diaphragms with non-composite (bare) steel deck, but a future Technical Brief devoted entirely to bare steel-deck diaphragms is anticipated.

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Where B is the contribution of fasteners that attach deck to 7.2 Steel Deck steel support members (see definitions for Eq. 2.2-4 in SDI DDM03), Q f is the structural fastener strength, L is the deck Unfilled steel deck diaphragms are often used at roofs, but panel length, k is a coefficient that depends on the unit weight seldom at floors. Steel Deck Diaphragm - Canam BâtimentsThe steel deck sheets used for roofs and floors provide support for gravity loads between the joists and/or beams. Once installed, these sheets can also be used as a horizontal brace and therefore the steel deck acts as a diaphragm. The fluted deck is equivalent to the web of a horizontal beam of which the flanges are the perimeter structural members connected to the deck. Steel Deck Diaphragm Calculator - Simpson Strong-TieSteel Deck Diaphragm Calculator. The Steel Deck Diaphragm Calculator provides diaphragm shear strengths of a steel deck when using Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive® screws. The Diaphragm Capacity Tables calculator can be used to develop a table of diaphragm capacities based on the effects of combined shear and tension, or the Optimized Solutions can be used to provide optimized

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Using the Steel Deck Institute (SDI) Diaphragm Design Manual, Third Edition, we can determine the required deck fastening. Using 5/8-inch puddle welds for attaching deck to supports and #10 sidelap screws, we find the nominal shear strength in the table for 0.0295-inch thick WR deck is 0.740 klf using a 36/4 (12-inch o.c.) support fastener pattern and (4) sidelap screws per span (15-inch o.c.).