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exhaust valve spindle 155×35×695×90° 11.02013.100:AKASAKA:AKASAKA DM38:exhaust valve seat 180.5×122×56×90° 14.02013.100:AKASAKA:AKASAKA DM33FD:inlet valve seat 136×104×25×90° 13.02009.000:AKASAKA:AKASAKA DM30:inlet valve spindle 125×26×555×120° 10.02015.000:AKASAKA:AKASAKA DM30:exhaust valve Components of Marine Diesel Engines Exhaust Valves

  • IntroductionThe Exhaust ValveWorking of The ValveMaterials Used For ConstructionReferencesHenan Zhongyuan Special Steel Equipment Co., Ltd., Weihe Spindles for metalworking machine tools. Spindles, high speed cutting (HSC), high frequency, for machines tools, metalworking; Machinery and equipment for offshore oil and gas production; Drilling machinery and equipment for oil and gas production. Elevators, drill pipe and casing; Drill string and bottom hole assembly components

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    Dura Spindle:In this type of exhaust valve spindle, reselient ni-cr alloy welded on stainless steel spindle and hardened with ten tonnes of force in special rolling process to 500HV is used. This gives better hardness and ductlility than stellite or nimonic coated spindles. The TBO is 50% more than conventional spindles. Future HFO/GI exhaust valve spindle - DTU Research the exhaust valve spindle remains a thermally stressed component. The increase in thermal load is not only related to the ever increasing load density but is also seen in connection with engine service at low load, which s offer the benefit of a low fuel consumption, but which may also involve performance conditions with increased valve Main Engine Exhaust Valve Parts, Working and Overhaul Mar 11, 2018 · Checking Exhaust Valve Spindle Seating Surface · Manufacturer of the engine provides the standardtemplate for the measuring the clearance of the spindle face. If it is not satisfactory, you can grind it. · Secondly, with the help of template, you can also, check the amount of burn off on valve face.


    EXhauST ValVE SPINDlE aND SEaT In order to withstand the high combustion temperatures generated in high performance 2-stroke diesel engines, exhaust valves have been made of sophisticated alloys. Surface temperatures to which the combustion face of the valve spindle is exposed can reach 900°C. Even the most modern and sophisticated alloys erode Reconditioning - Man Mar TechThe reconditioning of Exhaust Valve Spindles and Seats is done using fully automatic CNC equipment and automatic Robotic Welders to ensure that the process and finished product meets and exceeds original makers standards and specifications. Exhaust Valve Spindle standard full reconditioning procedure . 1) Sandblasting Typical wear mechanism of 2-stroke exhaust valvesAll exhaust valve spindles are equipped with a valve turning device. While UEC engines are equipped with a hydraulic device, MC and RTA valve spindles are fitted with a vane wheel (wing bush), which uses the exhaust gas to rotate the valve spindle. The meaning of saving money Nobody saves money with a cheap or bad repair. A

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    The exhaust valve spindle is one of the most challenging components in the marine two-stroke diesel engine. It has to withstand high mechanical loads, thermal cycling, surface temperatures beyond 700 °C, and molten salt induced corrosion. Powder metallurgy gives the