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Magnetic susceptibility of Chromium is +280e-6 cm^3/mol. In electromagnetism, magnetic susceptibility is the measure of the magnetization of a substance. Magnetic susceptibility is a dimensionless proportionality factor that indicates the degree of magnetization of Chromium in response to an applied magnetic Influence of Aluminum Composition on the Magnetic Iron-chromium magnetic alloy has received attention recently as a soft magnetic material that can be used in an alternating magnetic field. A technique for improving its properties by increasing the aluminum content was studied.

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ter understanding of chromium doping, a precise control of the structural properties is as desired to understand their magnetic and optical properties. Chromium is an important transition metal element dopant. It attracts lots of attention [1619]. One of the rea-sons is that the radius parameter of Cr +3. is closer to that of Zn +2 Magnetic properties of chromium chalcogenide spinels Abstract The magnetic properties of chromium chalcogenide (S, Se, Te) spinels are reviewed. These spinels may be classified into three general groups:1. (1) ferromagnetic and semiconducting spinels with the formula MCr 2 X 4 where M = Zn, Hg, or Cd, and X = S, Se; 2. Manipulating non-magnetic atoms in a chromium halide May 07, 2021 · The magnetic properties of a chromium halide can be tuned by manipulating the non-magnetic atoms in the material, a team, led by Boston College researchers, reports in the most recent edition of ScienceAdvances.

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Feb 10, 2020 · Structural and magnetic properties of molecular beam epitaxy grown chromium selenide thin films Anupam Roy, Rik Dey, Tanmoy Pramanik, Amritesh Rai, Ryan Schalip, Sarmita Majumder, Samaresh Guchhait, and Sanjay K. Banerjee Phys. Rev. Materials 4, 025001 Structural characterization and magnetic properties of Oct 21, 2020 · Abstract. Potassium chromium jarosite, KCr 3 (OH) 6 (SO 4) 2 (Cr-jarosite), is considered a promising candidate to display spin liquid behavior due to the strong magnetic frustration imposed by the crystal structure. However, the ground state magnetic properties have been debated, since Cr-jarosite is notoriously non-stoichiometric.The Magnetic Properties of Chromium and Chromium - Room temperature measurements with a high vacuum torque magnetometer showed that the magnetic moment of mica sheets with chromium films 0.3 to 38 nm thick was smaller than the (paramagnetic) magnetic moment of the mica sheets. This may mean that the susceptibilities of the Cr-films are negative, and of the order of -10 ^{-3} to -10^{ -4}.